KAN - It saves

Go compare KAN price against other N sources. With one third higher nitrogen concentration than ammonium nitrate it means you need less fertiliser with KAN.


Use the 3 calculators below to compare Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser to ammonium nitrate in a number of different ways.   

Calculate your savings with Koch Advance Nitrogen® fertiliser

Cost per kg nitrogen

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Product required AN versus KAN

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AN price equivalent

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"The savings compared to AN are quite considerable. We are probably doing a third more in a day and we use less diesel and have less bags to get rid of. It is surprising how time does add up so we are saving overall quite a lot." 

Ben Jones, E W Jones & Son

Less space, fill ups and storage handling implications

The higher concentration of Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser means fewer tonnes to transport, store and spread.

Environmental savings

Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser is proven to combine the benefits of high performance and low crop green house gas (GHG) intensity, unmatched by traditional nitrogen fertilisers. ADAS, the leading crop research and environmental consultancy in the UK, concluded:

  • Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser provides up to 16% less crop GHG intensity than standard AN produced with average European technology

  • Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser is up to 8% less crop GHG intensity than standard urea

  • Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser is equal in GHG intensity as AN manufactured with the best availability technology